“You Can Tell A Lot about a Person by the Company They Keep”

Good Morning. I hope you are doing well. My name is Mason Moseley. Patricia Moseley and I joined the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula in October of 1986, after visiting at the invitation of Lois Winter. I had been: a Methodist, a Boy Scout, a college student, a US Navy sailor, a charter member of a yacht club, and then I found this place, well, that place on Young’s Mill.

Preparing a testimonial is a bit intimidating if you think about the ones you have already heard; but that is what makes this Beloved Community special, those who come here. It is what makes this unusual time tough. Screen portraits, even with sound, are just not the same thing as being together in person. And yet we are sharing this feeling with the country and the world

In the 80’s I was a newbie, but pitched right in, serving on the Board. In the 90’s I was on track to be the President of the UUA with attending Leadership School, being elected President of the District Board, attending most of the UU General Assemblies of that decade, and working to bring a minister to a predominately Humanist organization. Thank you Andrew for being here for a decade. Patricia and I took the opportunity to travel for 5 years to start the new century. We returned to renew our commitment to the Fellowship. The the last decade there was our work on planning for the Fellowship’s future and auctioneering. I am so proud of the current Planning Committee and the UUFP for the commitment we have made.

How has being “here” transformed me? I have stepped up to do my part and in doing so have discovered resources from within. My world was strictly straight white male. I have come to learn words and the concepts they represent like “LGBTQ ally.” My faith has encouraged better understanding of needed anti-racist work and my part in a racist history and culture. I describe Unitarian Universalism as a group of anti-institutionalists trying to form an institution.

My time at this Fellowship is my legacy. I am a better person for my relationships here. Many have influenced me. The ideas and points of view around core principles can be divergent in detail and application. I envision UU as a large tent trying to see how many can be included. We are most interesting at the outer edge, where some ideas are accepted and others more intensely examined.

It is a strange time for me here now. I remember those senior members whose work had made it possible for me to have a religious home to come to. And now I am a long-time member myself.

Ed, Wendell, Lou, Bernie, David Dick, Richard, Ken, Jack, Susie, Lissa, Nan, and John. I followed their example, when asked “to do” I rarely refused.

How have I been transformed ? I have been guided and challenged. I have been loved. I have been exposed to trans formative ideas and many shared experiences. I have been given hope. Personally, I believe you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. Well, I have a Beloved Unitarian Universalist Community that keeps me, and that is you. Thanks. I love you and I am glad I get to share that. Thank you