Why Do We Pledge?

Greetings, Friends!

At the Fellowship, we're fortunate to be a part of a faith community in mission for Wonder…Love…Service…Generosity—in the hope of creating a Beloved World Community. Our dynamic sanctuary services, educational programs, social justice movements and other ministries build relationship and make positive change both inside and outside our church home. The UUFP is grateful for its dedicated volunteers and financial contributors!
Our pledges make all these actions possible. Here are some of our members' heartfelt expressions:
"I give because it's hard to see the light when Dominion cuts off the power. Seriously, I think we are a beacon of reason in Newport News. We need to shine." -Steve

"UUFP is my spiritual home and the congregation is my faith community. Being a member entails many, many benefits, but also responsibilities. I need to contribute to my home and community to maintain its viability and vibrancy. I regard my pledge as an investment in this community and in the future of liberal religion." -Jim
"The Seven Principles resonate with me, and when I first learned of them, I was amazed to see that a religious body had summarized so clearly and eloquently the ideals I felt in my heart to be true. I realized with sudden and immense relief that I had found a religious home that reflected and accepted me. I love that the Seven Principles are at the core of church life at the UUFP, uniting us and guiding all our actions. I give to the UUFP so that the next person who enters our church looking for a religious home can have the same feeling of immediate acceptance and belonging that I had years ago when he/she/they sees us living the principles he/she/they hold dear too." -Alicia

"This Fellowship is my family. Like any family, they have expenses. That requires a budget. They need to be able to predict with some accuracy what their income will be over a year so that they know what they can realistically commit to various needs. By pledging, I make a commitment to you, my fellow members, that I will regularly provide financial support to our common well-being. I am huge believer in working smarter, not harder, so by giving our Board a reliable estimate of income, they can make the best investment of those resources. It's how you run your own family, I'm sure. Let's give our leadership the information they need to make smart choices that benefit all of us." ​-Brad

"Pledging is being response-able for what I love and what I hope: our church and its influence to build a better world." -Alice

"We attend and pledge to UUFP because it is important in our lives. It is where we come to be spiritually fed, to be taken outside of ourselves, to be reminded of the greater good. It is so important for us as individuals and for the larger community to have such a place as UUFP--a welcoming congregation, that nurtures us and helps us to question and grow spiritually." -Jay and Tara

"I have been a member of UUFP since 1997. It is a refuge in a world where I don't always find compassion and respect and a concern for others. I am a firm believer in the inherent worth and dignity of all people - I don't always attain that goal - but it is a goal. I want to see others that strive for this goal and hear stories about others that share this goal. As a father, I am proud to have found the UUFP as a place for my children to learn about the world's religions and for them to find friends and adults that embrace these ideals. The Children's' RE program is second to none and has allowed my children (now adults) and countless others to flourish and find positive ways to express themselves. To summarize, 'I value this oasis' - so I put my money where it is important to me." -Jerry

"I pledge to help the UUFP in developing a more meaningful budget. I donate money to the UUFP so that it can continue to support it's mission and I personally can continue to surround myself with caring, loving and positive people." -Nancy

"I pledge to support UUFP's dedicated community of people who are intentional in living shared values of growth, compassion, and support for one another, as well as advocacy for social, economic, and environmental justice for all." -Christine

"I pledge to the UUFP because I want to support Unitarian Universalism and the amazing hope that is liberal religion in Newport News, on the Virginia Peninsula and in the world. I pledge because I know we support LINK, Planned Parenthood, the Foodbank of Virginia, The Boys and Girls Club, the Unitarian Universalist Association and our own Beloved Community with the money. And I pledge because I understand it to be a concrete sign of my commitment to this Fellowship." -Sarah ​

"I pledge to the UUFP because it needs the money to continue operating and doing its share of community support." -Julian

"I want to support my community, my faith, and our presence." -Lehni

"We want the Fellowship to be here and be welcoming as it was when we first came. Our lives have been so enriched by being members. The Fellowship is the center of our lives. During these troubling times, we truly need a place where we can share our concerns, learn from others and celebrate our joys. Oh, and just like at home, it all costs money." -Patricia and Mason

"We pledge out of gratitude for our blessings ... and to share with a world in need." -Jackie and Valerie

"We give to UUFP to build our community. It's so easy to get lost in the city and life in general; UUFP provides the steady community that we are missing." -Jesse & Brittany

"Because, when our kids were little and asked us what the bracelets meant with “”WWJD” on them, we would explain the acronym and then add that if we could, we would manufacture our own version—“WWMJD” (What Would Miss Joanne Do).
Because, no matter what the topic of the Forum is (Einstein’s dreams! Guy Fawkes Day! The Meta-ethics of the Divinity School Address!) people show up, ready to listen, ask questions, and learn.
Because, when Andrew brings a difficult topic (like white supremacy) before us, nobody walks out.
Because, the attentive silence during Joys and Concerns is as close to prayer as some of us ever get.
Because, when we join hands at the end of the service, people reach across the aisles and stretch out their arms to make sure that no one stands alone." -Dan and Pam
* * * * *
Although we are speaking of a Love far greater than that of the romantic kind, how appropriate a Canvass Kick-off during the week of Valentine's Day. ​
Where our heart is, so may our resources be given!
Let us give generously and love greatly! ​
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