Who’s Afraid of Goddess Group?

Hi, again!

Thanks for the warm response to our ​Goddess Group articles. We love your interest, and we’re eager to answer your questions. Still, we sometimes hear myths that may be keeping you (yes, I’m pointing to you) from attending. Here’s another myth we’d like to dispel (and one less reason for you to stay away).
Myth: You must have run out of goddesses to talk about by now.

Myth: You must have run out of goddesses to talk about by now.

Response: There are a lot of goddesses to discuss. Lots and lots and lots. Sure, we’ve talked about the goddesses you’ve heard of from your classes in Greek and Roman mythology. But Goddess Group is about much more than that. We discuss goddesses from nearly every corner of the world (sorry, we haven’t turned up any yet from Antarctica, but we’ll keep working on it). We also explore goddesses throughout the millennia as found in archaeology, anthropology, oral traditions, and more. We examine the role of goddesses in relation to the natural world, connections with other deities, and contemporary links.

We keep discovering new topics and find new information each month. Now it’s your turn to discover what Goddess Group is all about.

We meet the first Sunday of the month at 12:30 pm. in the UUFP Office building. (Fun, food, and knowledge are all included.)

Are there questions you have about Goddess Group? Please let us know at GoddessGroup@uufp.org, and we’ll address them in future articles. Also, visit us on our webpage.

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