Who Can Serve on a UUFP Committee?

Our Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula (UUFP) committees are integral in carrying out the mission of this congregation! So how might you be a part of the meaningful activities and outreach both in and beyond our fellowship?

The chairs of the committees must be members of UUFP. However, for the majority of committees, anyone—members, friends, teens; i.e., any interested individual—may serve on a committee. We have a large variety of committees, and many committees have programs that can use some planning and implementing help.

Our committees include: Adult Religious Education, Building, Caring, Children’s Religious Education, Communications, Denominational Affairs, EarthRising, Finance, Grounds, Membership, Music, Planning, Social Justice, Sunday Services, and others. (Visit UUFP Committees for more info.) Any of these committees would welcome new members.

One of our groups in which each one of us is a member is Hospitality. Every four months, for one month of Sundays, one of the four Hospitality Teams (i.e., Engage, Generosity, Sage and Wonder) is responsible for the set-up of food/drinks and managing/cleanup of the common area. If you have not been appointed to one of the Hospitality Teams, please let Meg Glenn-Albiez know. This will aid in continuing to offer this time of fellowship and food in-between the two Sunday morning worship services.

There are other committees that require an individual to be appointed to them, for example: Audit, Committee on Ministry, Leadership Development and others. If you wish to be a part of one of these, consider starting with a regular committee, so the Policy Board members will become familiar with your skills.

​At UUFP we want everyone to be as involved as one wishes to be. As each of us discerns where to devote our time, talents and resources, the Committee on Ministry invites us to reach out to a committee chair, the board member on-call, or to email them at committeeonministry@uufp.org for information about volunteer opportunities.

Remembering Aristotle's words, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts," we are grateful for our UUFP teamwork. Thank you for serving!

Grow in Wonder — Connect in Love — Engage in Service — Inspire Generosity

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