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After the end of our days on earth, after all our successes and failures, the measure of worth for our life will be how much we have loved.  -Mata Amritanandamaii

Pardon our asking, but “What is the ‘Human Predicament’?”

Do humans have a propensity towards good or evil? Are we born innocent and pure or with a tendency to sin? What is “sin”? Do we live as flawed characters who need forgiveness and “saving” throughout life’s journey? And can we and how do we (or how does some Other Source) reconcile our transgressions?

Although Judaism, Christianity and Islam share many roots, the three Abrahamic traditions approach the human predicament in different ways. Our own “Sunday Morning Forum Dean Emeritus” Bob Smith presented Part III of The Great Courses “Comparative Religion,” giving classmates an opportunity to discuss the ways various faiths approach issues like sin, sacrifice and accountability.

“The ‘predicament’ is getting us all on the same page,” commented one classmate. “And how do we get everyone on the same page,” since wrongful or unacceptable behavior is defined diversely by different individuals, societies and cultures.

Do we need a new beginning…a new relationship with God, the Universe, or a “More Than” that is a part of us, yet greater than ourselves? What do we need to do to be “better people”?

“Being concerned about the human predicament is part of our job,” noted a fellow participant.

Perhaps the daily prayerful words of beloved, late UUFP member Jack Dewar provides us with a worthy starting point:

“What is My Intention for today?
What difficulties might I encounter?
How do I prepare for those?
How do I bring more
love, compassion and peace
to my activities today?
How will I be more fully alive?”

As the Fellowship strives to keep its face towards the Light, may we be fully alive in this mission to:

Grow in Wonder — Connect in Love — Engage in Service — Inspire Generosity​​​​

and perhaps Absolution will take care of itself!

Bob Smith

Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, it means choosing to remember to love instead. -Kyle Gray

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rushessay reviewslink9/30/2017 04:34:13 pm

We are all human beings created by God through His image and likeness. God made us to become a beautiful individual inside and out. We are all first loved by God and we are all capable to love. Our calling for us is to share that love to our neighbors. They are people who are struggling in life. Let us give them love and share them hope that there is good in life and everything that surrounds us. Thank you for your good message for us. You are a person sharing love with all of us.