This is the second of our series of member testimonials as a part of our 2020 UUFP Canvass.

What does UUFP mean to me? It’s a presence, a presence in my mind, in my heart. As I drive up Warwick, coming to a service, to a committee meeting, a Fellowship Circle, I anticipate coming home, home to a place of love, thought, and trust. I know when I walk in that door, I’ll be greeted by authentic human beings who bring their real selves to share.

When I returned to UUFP June 2018, after many years’ absence, I wondered whether people would hold it against me that I had evaporated and yet then returned. No. Judy Remsberg greeted me at the door, with a smile, welcome and fine conversation. Indeed, I hear that from numerous folks, that we, here at UUFP welcome.We see and are seen. In our good times and bad.

I look forward to Sunday mornings, with perhaps Robin and familiar tunes made different with his inimitable flare. I look for Sam’s blue eyed, inquiring smile. One morning this past year, as I was going through some deep life changes, Sam asked during the greeting part of the service – “How are you?” I mumbled something — not my usual mode. He stopped short, moved into my line of vision, “No, REALLY, how are you,” he asked. And truly seen, I shared what was happening. That moment was deeply important to me…

Or again, upon first coming now nearly 2 years ago, Gary asked me some probing question during coffee hour, letting me know I was on thoughtful, authentic ground. Here, I thrive.

I look forward to Sandra’s cooking, to Henry’s hugs, to Judy’s gorgeous jackets. To Joanne’s stories, always relevant to all of us, to witnessing Joyce’s journey, to this, her new home. With each person I relish their spark.

And our minister? Wow, just wow. Yes, our Reverend Andrew, an understated British dude, brings a font of insight and vision! No, that’s not an overstatement. Personally, I’m jazzed that he holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics (from Princeton no less). This guy groks the cosmos and from that foundation, he brings a literary, cultural, spiritual depth. He is whimsical, diverse, personal and articulate. Love our minister.

In closing, this piece has been hard to write because UUFP means so very much to me. It is a place where I find my people, where I experience trust —where I can sing the songs and not be ambushed, where I can relax in the service and know that I won’t have some dogma pushed on us, where I feel like I can be the real atheist UUthat I am. UU is my place. You are my people. You guys are life savers for me and life celebrants with me. Thank you. Thank you, Namaste.

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3/20/2020 08:20:18 pm
I had not heard it. Glad I could read it. Thank you for sharing and bring here.