What Makes a Children’s Religious Education Program?

We just finished the 2023 2024 Program Year for Children’s Religious Education at UUFP. And now we are starting our 2024 2025 Program Year. But before we start, I would like to thank some folks for making this year of fun and learning happen. Our program depends on some very dedicated people to show up and share their time and talents with our children and youth.

Our volunteer teachers, Youth Group leaders and Nursery Care workers are the ones who keep everything running smoothly. This year, we held Our Whole Lives for our older youth. Sera Hair Olson and Henry Chambers went to an intensive training last summer in Richmond to prepare for teaching. Sera and Henry led the class weekly for twenty-five weeks. Autumn Cuevas and Mary Luke also participated in facilitating classes as needed. Sera and her husband, Erik, continue to supervise youth playing games together each week in the Caum room. They also lead the monthly Parent Support Group.

Our multi-age Sunday morning classes have been led by me, Tara Joseph and Julie Allen all year. Pam Luke and Jay Joseph also helped as needed. Mary Elizabeth serves in our nursery each week. At times she has been helped by Jackie Wilson, Jackie Batterson, Harriet Xinos and Des Doody. Harriet and Des also helped with the 11:00 a.m. class. Mary Elizabeth and I also provide child care for Kids Day In and Connected Parents Support Group each month.

Alicia Hofler and I have run the third Tuesday Youth Group all year. Rachel Bevins, Ann Hancock, Brian Bevins have helped with first Sunday youth events and projects. And Sharon Nygard and Chelsea Hobert have helped with RE Committee work along with Rachel and Ann.

Thank you all so much for being so dedicated to our program and for consistently giving your time, energy, care and, most of all, love to our children and youth!

And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all the parents, grandparents, children and youth for showing up and being part of our weekly classes, youth groups, and social events throughout the year. We wouldn’t have a program if we didn’t have all of you!