What are Fellowship Circles at the UUFP?


Here at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula, our Fellowship Circles are small, supportive groups of eight to ten people that provide members an opportunity to meet with others in a spiritual setting where we learn to think and share deeply about our lives and our beliefs. The personal growth and spiritual maturity of each member is nurtured and encouraged within the circle. We practice compassionate deep listening and respect each individual’s contributions.

Compassionate deep listening is what makes a Fellowship Circle different from other groups. There is no cross talk between participants, no questions are asked and no advice is given. “No fixing, no saving, no setting each other straight.”

This is a time for speaking and listening from the heart—a safe place for members to share their stories, knowing that everything that is said is kept confidential.

The experience for me personally has been very positive. I have learned so much from the amazing people I have had an opportunity to share my life with in these circles. So many ideas and new perspectives on a variety of topics (both serious and playful) have helped me grow personally and spiritually. As a result of participation in my circles, I also feel much more connected to the entire UUFP community.


Our new circles will be starting in October 2021.
Please contact Gayle Phillips at fellowshipcircles@uufp.org
if you would like more information.