“Welcome to the New UUFP Website!”

The Website Development Team (Maria Cory, Bill Sneddon, Marcy Stutzman and David Banks from WUU) has worked for several months developing a new website. The site has been designed to be engaging to newcomers as well as providing useful information to the UUFP community.

We encourage you to use/review the site, and send comments and corrections to webmaster@uufp.org when you find things that need our attention.

Events/Calendar/Countdown Timer

Some of the new features are the events structure and calendar. UUFP events (including a countdown timer for "Featured Events") are now highlighted on the (front) homepage along with sermon, eFlame and Gallery snippets.

Midway down the homepage, you can find gold links and buttons for events and recent sermon highlights. Clicking on them will give you complete event information, including Zoom links for online activities.

For links to a more comprehensive online "Sermon Archive," click the passworded "MEMBERS" section in the top right (white) Quick Access Menu Bar, taking you to UUFP Members Area & Resources. This page also provides links to the internal calendar with committee meeting information, board minutes, UUFP Directory, new VANCO giving site, other important organizational information and the ICON church management system (email secretary@uufp.org for this and other login or password information).

Giving to UUFP (Financial & Tangible)

Thank you for supporting the work of the Fellowship! In doing so, the new (Vanco) GivePlus tools can be accessed in two ways:

  • the “GIVE” quick link in the (white) top-tier menu
  • the “Giving” link in the main (black) menu bar, which includes expanded options and explanations for online pledging and payments, endowment fund, fundraising programs and events (tangible gifting) and part I of II of our UUFP Expansion news. (Part II is located under "NEWS.")

The interface/GivePlus Online tools with Vanco are new, but the same secure giving services through this company are in place as with the Vanco form linked to UUFP's previous website.

We invite you to view this brief GivePlus Online” How-to Video, and/or review the following summary:

  • Guest User: You may make a one-time donation as a “Guest” without signing in: In the GivePlus box, under “Give Now,” click the down arrow and “Select Fund” of your choice. Continue with the steps for a one-time donation.
  • Create an Account: Signing in allows you to save information for future transactions, make recurring contributions and access a wealth of other tools provided through the “Giving History.” Use the “Sign-in/Sign-up” at the top right of the GivePlus box.
    • Donors (who have never given electronically to UUFP) may create a new account. Previous online donors may sign in to the new GivePlus interface with the same email address used for the previous VANCO contribution form.
    • The GivePlus interface requires stronger passwords and may not accept your previous password. If you can’t log in, a password reset request will be necessary. The new password will require: at least (for each of the following) eight characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. Special characters may be used, excluding the asterisk.
  • Mobile Users: iPhone and Android Give Plus Mobile apps are available for free download. The GivePlus Church How-to Video and FAQs/GivePlus User Guides can help you get started. GivePlus Text-to-Give How-to Video and Quick Guide offer further convenient text giving at your fingertips!
  • No Cost to Donors/Maximizing Your Gifts: All GivePlus conveniences are at no cost to donors; processing fees are paid by UUFP. As before, ACH transactions carry much lower fees for the church than donations via credit and debit cards. There is a check-box option near the end of each transaction should you wish to help offset a portion of these fees, giving maximum reach for your financial gifts.

To Contribute to the “Share the Basket” partners or other funds:

  • Select the fund from the pull-down menu.
  • Select one-time or recurring, as desired.
  • Click “Add Donation.”
  • Repeat process if you wish to add donations to multiple funds in one transaction.


When your contribution is ready to send, click “Next,” and add either bank or credit/debit card information.


Confirmation/Receipts: When payment information is completed, click “Next.” You may elect to add to your contribution to help offset processing fees, and the “Donate Now” box completes your transaction. If logged in, a confirmation receipt and number for the transaction will automatically be sent to your email account on file. Guest donors may enter an email address to receive a receipt.


As always, donation checks (payable to UUFP) can be mailed to: UUFP, 13136 Warwick Blvd., Newport News, VA 23602. The memo line or a note can be used to designate money for “Share the Basket” partners, capital fund or other non-pledge funds.



There are three ways to view the calendar from the new website:

  • The Events Calendar ("CALENDAR") is accessed from the top-tier (white) menu bar and has links to upcoming (and even past) events. Choose your preferred view (grid on top, with Events Preview, or agenda display at bottom). Color coding on the grid view will help you zero in on specific ministry areas.
  • The Public (Google) Calendar can be accessed under the “NEWS” menu item or via a link available at the top of the Events Calendar.
  • The Internal (UUFP/Google) Calendar with committee meetings and other non-public events can be reached from the "MEMBERS" menu or via a link available at the top of either of the other two calendars.


Visioning the Future

We hope you find this new website to be a powerful and useful resource for you, as well as our most visible outreach for people in the area interested in Unitarian Universalism and/or looking for a new community.

We know that there are portions of the website that still need to be updated. As you use the website (especially with the programs and events you represent or attend), please do not hesitate to offer suggestions that can improve, complete and provide the most current and accurate UUFP information. (We have tried to remove all alerts about "Your connection is not private." that remained from our many website "migrations," but if we missed any, please inform us. It is safe to advance the connection, but we of course need to be sure they are updated to the new uufp.org domain.)  We are looking for new people to join the team to help provide content (writing, editing, photography) and also volunteers who may be interested in helping with the site maintenance.

Thank you for patience during the transition. We are excited for this new site for this great fellowship, and the doorways it can open as we practice community as deeply and as thoroughly as we can—both within and beyond our walls (Rev. Andrew Millard)!

Looking enthusiastically forward,

The UUFP Website Development Team

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