Welcome to the New UUFP Website!

A screenshot of the UUFP website that shows the connect in love slider

The long wait is over at last. The redesigned UUFP website is finally live!

“What changed?”

The first thing you’re likely wondering is, “What changed…and why?”

First, everything should look cleaner and bigger. One of my goals for this project was to improve the accessibility of our site. I can tell you, now that I’m in my 40s, reading ain’t as easy as it used to be. I imagine it’s the same for those of us in our 50s, 60s, and 70s. So I made the text and photos larger and sharper where possible. The navigation should also be easier. Speaking of which…

You’re probably noticing we don’t have a “home” option on the menu. That’s because the UUFP logo is now the home button! Whether you’re looking at the header or footer, clicking on the UUFP logo will take you back to the home page. This is a standard feature on most modern websites.

White UUFP logo from the website menu
Click this logo on any menu to return to the UUFP home page

Other changes to the menu to note:

  • Our public calendar of events can be found under the Gather option and in the Members Area
  • The eFlame blog and Members Area now reside under the Connection option
  • Give Now (under the Give option) will take you straight to Vanco!

A button in the teal section of the home page will let you join the Sunday Service Zoom Room right away. You don’t have to search the calendar for the link anymore!

Are you planning an event and need to submit an announcement? We have an updated submission form that also lets you reserve event space if needed! Now, you can take care of all your event planning at once.

The biggest changes to the website, however, have occurred behind the screen. The site’s page count has been reduced from 92 live pages (and 50+ drafts) to 35. Important documents have moved to Google Drive for easy updating, and duplicate photos have been removed to free up storage capacity and improve site speed. These changes should make the website much easier for our staff and stewards to manage!

Four yellow buttons in the Members Area. The one labeled Find UUFP Documents is circled in red and indicated with an arrow.
Looking for church policies, committee charters, or the org chart? Click this button in the Members Area!

I’ve also added Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to the site to make it more visible on Google Search. Now when people search for nearby UU churches, our site should pop right up!

“Why can’t I find the Member Directory in Google Drive?”

Even though the Members Area is password protected, storing personal contact information in a public Google folder poses a significant privacy risk, which several members have expressed concerns about. If you need to access the Member Directory, please follow the instructions in the Members Area to sign up for Icon!

“Where did the listed events go on all the pages?”

Another big change to the website involves the Events Calendar. The old calendar was a challenge to keep up-to-date with so many filters and details, and it still didn’t replace our need to also maintain a Google Calendar. That’s a lot of work! The old Events Calendar was also taking up valuable space that is better dedicated to expressing who we are for potential newcomers.

To achieve a workable medium, I’ve installed a plugin that will hopefully channel our Google Calendar content into an attractive layout, with an option to display events in a list! Many of the pages now direct visitors to view the calendar on a dedicated Events Calendar page, which should help eliminate confusion about what’s happening at our Fellowship on any given day.

As always, you can find the Internal Google Calendar in the Members Area.

“How will we get the word out about our events?”

Right now, we’ll continue to advertise our events through the weekly announcements email and posts on Facebook. In the meantime, Rachel Bevins has put together an Information, Tech and Communications (ITC) team to address our communication and outreach needs. Our communications structure suffered greatly during the 2020 pandemic, and it will take some time to re-establish a healthy process. Please hang in there while we figure it out together!

If it turns out we need the detailed Events Calendar or a dedicated Announcements page after all, we can bring them back.

“I have information that should be added to the website! Can you add a page?”

We want to keep the website as lean, clean, and easy-to-navigate as possible, so new pages aren’t in the plans. But if you have information that potential visitors to UUFP should know (to make their integration into our community easier), feel free to email it to me at april.kelsey10@gmail.com, and I’ll try to find a place for it.

“I found an error on the new website or a feature that doesn’t work.”

It will likely take several days to iron out the technical issues of launching a new website, so don’t panic! Just send whatever errors you find to webmaster@uufp.org and cc my address at april.kelsey@gmail.com. We’ll handle it!

“What if we change our name and logo later this year?”

I’ll update the website to reflect those changes.

“What’s next??”

Hopefully moving into our new building at Tabbs Lane!

My deepest thanks to everyone for your patience and support during this project!


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