Welcome New Members! May 2024

We are grateful for these additions to our UUFP family. Welcome!

Audrey Burgwin

Born and lived in the seacoast area of New Hampshire, I came to Virginia in my mid-twenties. I have since raised five beautiful and accomplished children. My husband and I made our home in rural Isle of Wight County on a small hobby farm. Our home was a host for dogs, cats, frogs, chickens, and horses alike. When it came time to downsize to a smaller home after my husband’s death, I moved to Carrolton where I now reside with my two dogs, Bosco and Chi-Chi.

I am excited to join the congregation here at UUFP because I have always been attracted to the sense of community. I was raised in an Irish Catholic family and while my ideologies fell out of alignment, I have always been nostalgic for the traditions and rituals of the Church. I feel so thankful for the welcoming nature of this congregation, and I look forward to being a part of the continued cultivation of the generous spirit for many years to come.

Emily Huereña-LaRocco

Emily Huereña-La Rocco (they/them) is an Air Force veteran from California who was brought here by their husband, Rocky, who is still active-duty Air Force.

Emily is a cat mom to two babies, Lilith and Mommas, and has made a job out of caring for animals.

They joined the UU fellowship to find spirituality in a community setting.

Lisa Dunaway

Let’s see — who am I? I am retired with a 21-year-old son who is in college. I have been attending and very active in EarthRising for over three years now. I was born in Washington and moved to Newfoundland, Canada, before I was nine months old. Moved to Virginia when I was nine or ten and have lived here on and off since. I have lived in Florida, California, New Jersey, and Toronto, Canada. I love the woods and staycations. I have visited 48 of the 50 states, as well as Mexico.

I love learning and consider myself a lifelong learner by academic standards. I’m a Navy Vet, and I have worked in healthcare, education, and retail.

I am one of those people who is an open book, and to talk to me is to know me.

Josh and Rachel Willis

Josh has lived all over the east coast but was originally a Vermonter. He comes from a rigid Christian fundamentalist background and, having left that, loves the community focus and freethinking ethos of UU. Rachel is a native of Virginia Beach and was raised in various churches. She is glad to finally find a community that aligns with her beliefs and values.

Josh and Rachel have four children, and they say that’s enough. The whole family is into crafts, animals, and gardening.

Alice is an aspiring ballerina and makes pictoral instructions for her smaller goals.

Trisha is an aspiring tattooist and will happily draw on you with a sharpie.

Lew wants to be a mermaid when he grows up and is currently learning how to swim.

Sulla’s current goal is to grow large enough to use the forward-facing car seats that her siblings use.

Rachel has made dozens of beautiful birthday cakes for her children and their cousins, from alligator and snake cakes to rainbow princess cakes.

Josh is currently employed in nursing but worked in horticulture in his previous career. Rachel was also a horticulturist, though her last job before becoming a mom was working for a community outreach program with the Charlotte Humane Society.

Their current mission in life is to keep their children from injuring themselves in expensive ways. Their long-term goal is to raise children who understand the world and see the good in it.

Kayla Carmody

I would describe myself as a Renaissance woman. An avid tea drinker and collector of crafts. Happy to discuss fiber arts, to instruments, to pop culture to obscure Shakespeare references. Lover of Studio Ghibli and Bluey.

Supported by a wonderful husband, and soon to be two children. Living here, originally from New England. You can typically find me on a hike or in the pool with my toddler. Or with a book cuddling my cat. Life is busy but I love being busy with life.