Yes, Virginia, there is an Easter Bunny!

Good news, everybody! The Easter Bunny has just emailed me. He has asked me to pass along this message to all of you...

Hello, UU Friend!

It's me, the Easter Bunny. I know you've probably been wondering what I’ve been doing with myself this year, since it isn’t safe for us to be meeting indoors or in large crowds. But, I promise you, I've been quite busy. I've been traveling all around the world, stopping wherever Easter is celebrated, and greeting people from afar. See me, in that picture below?

Oh! And, also, I've been coordinating with a number of UU congregations—including your own—to bring you a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!

The UU Virtual Easter Egg Hunt 2021 will go live Saturday, April 3, 2021 (the day before Easter) and remain active throughout April. This way, you can spend the whole month exploring the UU net (did you know a UU actually invented the World Wide Web?)! 

The hunt beings here:

Until we meet again, Hoppy Easter!

The Easter Bunny

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Did you know that the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula is near the NASA Langley Research Center, where they work to design spaceships to blast off into the universe!

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