UUFP Expansion – Consultant Report

Dear UUFP Members,

The Board is reviewing carefully the report of Mark Ewert, stewardship consultant, to help us plan for the future. Mark provided a very useful one-page summary of his findings. We are sharing this with all. Please read this over and consider how these recommendations may apply to what you do here at UUFP and how you do it, as well as where you see yourself going into the future with UUFP. Coronavirus has interrupted our plans but not stopped them.

In Hope and Faith,

Jim Sanderson
President UUFP



Next Steps Process, June 2020

SUMMARY: The UUFP engaged Mark Ewert, UU stewardship consultant, for a Next Steps
Process. The objective was to assess congregational stewardship toward building greater
sustainability of its mission goals, a possible relocation campaign, and to recommend next steps.
The Next Steps process was conducted virtually from June 9 – 30, 2020. This report presents
results of the Next Steps process. Please note: this process occurred and Mark’s report was
delivered during the 2020 Pandemic, where all congregational activities were forced to move

The major findings are that UUFP has:

• a flexible and adaptable congregation, led by intelligent and dedicated lay leaders;
• a skilled minister and excellent staff, and a strong relationship with the UUA;
• excellent worship, music and faith formation for all ages;
• well attended and integrated Forum, EarthRising and Fellowship Circles;
• potent caring, both informal and organized pastoral care;
• investments in leadership development and governance;
• a new, improved website with good electronic giving options;
• constant membership numbers, despite the desire and attempts to grow;
• challenges in filling leadership positions, at a crucial time: almost all current leaders are
long-time members;
• significant additional demand created by the Pandemic and transition to fully online ministries;
• a stewardship program which has been limited to the annual pledge drive and has the potential
to do much more, and work to be done in the finance area.

Recommendations include:

• building an engaging stewardship program;
• creating communications for the purpose and process of a move;
• creating future scenarios in a number of areas;
• preparation in governance, finance and human resources.

Stewardship consulting is recommended for:

• supporting the Stewardship Team;
• supporting the Planning Team.