UUFP–Tabbs Lane Update: January 14, 2024

Piece by piece, our vision is coming together!
Thanks to the UUFP Planning and Real Estate teams for providing updates during our search for and selection of the Fellowship's new home! The following "Planning Weekly Update" is provided by Planning Committee Co-chair Parker Stokes.

Usually, when writing these updates, I put on my engineer hat, but today I would like to share from the other side.

As the UUFP Planning Committee does due diligence on the property at 326 Tabbs Lane, to identify all repair, replacement and renovation issues, we also have sought relevant documents such as titles, permits, easements, surveys, blueprints, permissions, etc. Weeks passed. No documents. Now nearly at the end of our initial due diligence, documents arrive! And boy did they!

The sellers conveyed a volume of records that would fill two bathtubs. Organized? No way. Documents all in a heap. And so the last few days, I have been busy excavating the overflowing document site.

The most important ones I found were architectural, and I have given these to our Architect, Roger Guernsey, a former UUFP member who designed both our current building and the Williamsburg UU church.  The Planning Committee has asked Roger to make suggestions especially on flow, storage and “gathering” functions at 326 Tabbs Lane.

“Gathering” was a new concept for me, but after spending some time with Roger, I now understand it to be the essential function of attending church. This is the space just outside the seated Sanctuary where meeting, greeting, catch-ups, information exchange, bulletin boards, coffee, snacks, sign-up tables, hellos and goodbyes happen.  In other words, community building. Without these ever present gathering opportunities, you only have an in-and-out church. This gathering concept was purposely designed into our church by Roger and functions well in our present building and also at the Williamsburg UU location. I now understand how it has contributed heavily to our success, and you will be happy to know, Roger is focusing on providing a similar gathering area in the new Tabbs Lane building.

Over the last three weeks, our progress has been slower than hoped for due to holidays, sickness of key personnel and New Beech Grove response times. We are therefore going to request an extension on our “Due Diligence” evaluation period.

Next update, I’ll  return to the engineer-inspired style, but today, I just wanted to share my newly discovered architectural contributions to community building.

Fondly, and in community,
Parker Stokes for the UUFP Planning and Real Estate Teams

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Your Planning Committee and Real Estate Task Force are dedicated to informing the Fellowship about the different aspects of the Tabbs Lane property, including four Sunday Forums in February where there will be time for your questions:
2/4/24 Sunday Forum: “Our New Home—Financial”
2/11/24 Sunday Forum: “Our New Home—Environmental”
2/18/24 Sunday Forum: “Our New Home—Architectural”
2/25/24 Sunday Forum: “Our New Home—Preparing for the Congregational Vote”

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