UUFP Policy Board Meeting Highlights — July 2023

Periodic "UUFP Policy Board Meeting Highlights" feature snippets of news from the official Policy Board Meeting Minutes.

We’d like to share a few notes from the June 2023 UUFP Policy Board meeting. You can find full approved minutes for all Board meetings on the UUFP website in the Members Area and Resources section. (Please email the church office if password is needed.)

We were busy with Policies this month: The Committee on Ministry has submitted, and the Board has approved, a new “Healthy Relationships Policy,” which will replace the Disruptive Behavior Policy once a few final procedures are in place. We have also implemented a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Policy which helps us live our Mission and Vision by paying attention to DBE status of our contractors.

The Board also approved the Share the Basket partners recommended by the Social and Environmental Justice Committee, which continue unchanged from last year:

  • 1st Sunday: Local Chapter of the NAACP
  • 2nd Sunday: VAIPL: Virginia Interfaith Power and Light
  • 3rd Sunday: LINK: Living Interfaith Network
  • 4th Sunday: VICPP: Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy
  • 5th Sunday: Parishioner Assistance. The Parishioner Assistance Fund is used to help those in need within our membership. The money is distributed confidentially, so if you are facing serious financial difficulty, please get in touch with our minister.

On July 9, we welcomed Ann Kunze and Roy Schilling to the Policy Board as Secretary and Member at Large, respectively. They will serve with Rebecca Wheeler (President), Solstice O’Brien (Vice-President), Jeanne Nailor Farthing (Treasurer), Ann Taylor (Member at Large), and Gayle Phillips (Member at Large). We thank our outgoing board members, Marcy Stutzman and Lucy van Tine for their time on the Board.


The next Board meeting will be July 28, 2023, on Zoom.

Solstice O’Brien and Marcy Stutzman for the UUFP Policy Board



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