UUFP Planning-Real Estate Teams Pulpit Minute: Superheroes of UUFPville! — January 2024

Thanks to the UUFP Planning Committee and Real Estate Task Force for providing these updates during our search for and selection of the Fellowship's new home! This Pulpit Minute, via a creative video, was delivered by team member (and Superhero) Rachel Bevins at the
January 28, 2024, Sunday morning service.

Citizens of UUFPville!

Our vision for our potential new UUFP home is in sight!

YOU, together with our fearless Planning-Task Force Team Superheroes, are vital to to these next steps in securing our new home and growing our ministry. Thus, in this video episode of UUFPville Finds A New Homewe identify the Superheroes with their superpowers to keep you informed about key people and processes helping to realize our dream!

We are grateful for our leaders' superhuman powers, and we invite YOU, citizens of UUFPville, to continue being part of "the magic" (dates and times for the following are listed in President Bek's most recent eFlame) and in the "UUFP Community" Facebook group):

  • Tour the new building and review the virtual tour.
  • Attend Town Hall Meetings.
  • Complete the Individual Feedback Form (see image below).
  • Watch for Committee Feedback Forms (available soon).
  • Join us for four February Sunday Forums focused on specific aspects of our potential purchase and opportunities for Q & A.

As we continue our research during the extended due dilgence period, in preparation for a congregational vote, your input in this superhuman effort is vital. Completing the Individual Feedback Form (at the close of this article) is one of many opporunties to share your thoughts.

Looking forward with great enthusiasm to where we, the UUFPville citizens, will continue creating a welcoming envirnoment for all in a SUPER new home!

Click image for online form, or scan QR code.

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