UUFP Planning Pulpit Minute — November 2023

Thanks to the Fellowship's Planning Committee for providing periodic updates on the UUFP Expansion/Relocation progress.
This Pulpit Minute was delivered by Steve Kadar at the November 5, 2023, Sunday Service.

Good Morning:

I am Steve Kadar, a member of the UUFP Planning Committee.

As we continue our search for a new home, this month finishes our first year of the Planning Committee collecting committee & team goals, also known as a Rolling Five-Year Plan. In fact, the process is still going on, and will keep going on, which is why it is a “Rolling” plan which “rolls” in five year increments.

The objective is to create a blueprint, but not just for a building, but of what we seek for our church community in total, and not just for right now, but later on.

Why do written goals matter? Our vision tangibly guides us towards the future. It lets us articulate what our hopes and dreams are...it also facilitates our achieving them.

Allow me to give you some examples:

  • Our knowledge of what the congregation wants in a new home is green space. We have a charming but small 2 acres now. The last site we looked at was 6.81 acres, or over three times the physical space with have now.
  • We know folks want more interior space for our children, our entire RE program needs more space. This last location we looked at had plenty of room, as in many rooms. It even had a nursery adjacent to the sanctuary, which is optimum so parents can still “attend” and be with their child.

And those are just two examples, and I do have more.  Being able to articulate our goals leads us to what we want to be.

Now, part of our process is to look at the first year of our Rolling Five-Year Plan and consider how did we do? What worked, what needed tweaks, what can we measure and confirm as done? Did we forget anything? Have some needs or situations changed that we did not think of? I’m going to pause so you can think of how unforeseen events and needs not so long ago changed everything…

...our plan must be nimble to change yet not lose its core focus. This is a dynamic and living document, it changes and evolves as our needs dictate. It is what guides our future.

You can find additional information on our Five-Year Plan by going to our website; click on “members area”; type in the password; and under “ORGANIZATIONAL,” go to “Rolling Five-Year Plan, September 2023.

So today you learned about something new that has been going on and is laying the groundwork for finding a new home. And its not just talk, it is leading into action.

So tell me, who would not be excited about the possibilities that await us?

Thank you for listening.

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