UUFP Planning Pulpit Minute — June 2023

Thanks to the Fellowship's Planning Committee for providing periodic updates on the UUFP Expansion/Relocation progress.
This Pulpit Minute was delivered by Parker Stokes at the June 4, 2023, Sunday Service.

I am Parker Stokes bringing you an update from the Planning Committee, which has taken the lead in searching for a new Fellowship home, which will be more able to support our Vision for the future. We continue to search and receive monthly reports from Bob Saunders, our real estate broker. Here are our assessments of two of the six properties Bob has shared this month.

LaCross Memorial Presbyterian Church at
1518 N. Mallory in Buckroe.

This property is 9,600 SF, which is about the size we are looking for, but it is far outside the center of our membership. There is room for expansion, but this property is only eight feet above the mean high water mark, and being situated between two ditches off Mill Creek, it will be subject to potential flooding issues. We have therefore rejected it from further consideration.

Warwick Assembly of God at 1228 Todds Lane in Hampton.

This property is 50,000 SF, and although the location would be great, at $4.9M, it is too large and expensive for us to consider.

The other properties presented this month were also not suitable for various reasons. Bob reports that he has at least two churches which have dwindled in membership and are having financial trouble. Both are considering their options for downsizing, and we have been in contact with one, which is about the right size for us. We have discussed working together for a trade or purchase. Unfortunately, I can’t say their name yet but we remain in contact while they ponder their future.

If you know of a property with four to six acres and twelve to twenty thousand SF, which could be converted to our needs, let me or Jay Joseph know. You can continue to expect a Planning update on our search every month.

Parker Stokes

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