UUFP Planning Pulpit Minute — January 2023

Thanks to the Fellowship's Planning Committee for providing periodic updates on the UUFP Expansion/Relocation progress.
This Pulpit Minute was delivered by Gayle Phillips at the January 8, 2023, Sunday Service.

In 2017, our UUFP Planning Committee began the important work of defining our Congregational goals and aligning the steps we need to achieve them. We started at a Congregational Workshop where members agreed that our Values, the essential core of who we are as a Religious Community, are Wonder, Love, Service and Generosity. In March of 2020, after a series of meetings, the Congregation voted overwhelmingly to seek a new home for the UUFP.

This process has continued and now our Planning Committee has established seven major goals that make up our draft Rolling Five-Year Plan for the UUFP.

These Goals Reflect our Vision; they are:

  • Find a new property for us that will meet our needs and enable us to grow and prosper.
  • Develop and adopt a Congregational Covenant and a plan for growth.
  • Structure our Social and Environmental Justice Committee into teams that will work on our many important social justice and environmental objectives.
  • Spiritual Development that will include wonderful opportunities for new learning and expand our current programs.
  • Stewardship –We will offer a training for our members and revisit our giving process.
  • Staffing—We will continue to work diligently to determine our staffing needs and resources for our UUFP community.
  • Visibility—We will make our Congregational Covenant visible on our website and seek to engage with our wider community.

The Planning Committee is seeking input from Committee Chairs and will forward our Five-year draft plan to the Policy Board for approval. This has been an inspiring journey, and our Planning Committee members are excited to share our goals and plans with you.

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