UUFP Planning Pulpit Minute — December 2023: ENVISION!

Thanks to the UUFP Planning Committee and support teams for providing these periodic updates during our search for the Fellowship's new home! This Pulpit Minute was delivered by Rebecca ("Bek") Wheeler at the December 3, 2023, Sunday Service.

Good morning!

I am here to share with you the next steps in happy news about possibly purchasing a new church home (see image 1).

Image 1

You know that just this past Monday, November 27, we signed a Purchase Agreement on the 326 Tabbs Lane church and property — and this time, it’s real — the seller and seller’s realtor signed in full agreement too.

And so, in December and January, our inspectors and contractors evaluate the property and its needs top to bottom. Then, in February, we will hold a Special Congregational Meeting to vote "yes" or "no." If "yes," then we close sometime in March.

But first, let’s do lots of visits, and exploration and imagining. We have a request in to our realtor for times for you to visit — and there will be many. We hope we can take a group next Sunday, December 10, but we don’t know yet. Then an upcoming weekday and Saturday and more throughout December and January. We will be in touch.

Come, let’s explore, probe, dream, and plan together!

In the meantime, let’s begin imagining. While there is much to envision about the expansive sanctuary with vaulted, wooden ceiling, and about the similarly expansive social hall adjoining a commercial kitchen (we could host PORT ourselves), today, I want to focus a little on the land itself (see image 2).

Friends, this church sits on 6.2 acres of beautiful woodland. There is room to stroll, to have a picnic, to light a bonfire and lead outdoor worship. There is space aplenty to build our own labyrinth. There is room to drink in nature herself. (see image 3). And as you see, the land is not only beautiful but protected. Look at that span of forest!

Image 2

Image 3

And so, as we visit, let’s envision — how can we better serve our mission at 326 Tabbs Lane? How are we called to more fully “grow in wonder, connect in love, engage in service, and inspire generosity”?

Come, let’s explore, probe, dream, and plan together!

Thank you.

In community,

Bek Wheeler
President, UUFP

Grow in Wonder ~ Connect in Love ~ Engage in Service ~ Inspire Generosity


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