UUFP Planning Pulpit Minute – August 2021

Thanks to the Fellowship's Planning Committee for providing periodic updates on the UUFP Expansion progress via these Pulpit Minutes delivered during Sunday Service and UUFP publications.

The Planning Committee has stayed very busy in the last few weeks. We are still on the lookout for a potential building to rent or purchase for our new church home, with any final decision to do so subject to congregational approval.

An important step, a Financial Feasibility Study, is upon us and will be conducted August 15, 16, and 17 by Mark Ewart, our UU financial consultant. What we feel confident about will be a strongly positive report from Mark presented to our Board on September 7, and then to be brought before our congregation in special meeting on September 19.

The Capital Campaign itself is scheduled to kick off on October 3. Every family group in our congregation should be prepared to give thoughtful consideration to what substantial financial investment you will make in our congregation over the next three years.

The successful results of the Capital Campaign, along with the proceeds of the sale of our current facilities (again, of course, with congregational approval), will determine the dollar amount of the mortgage we will need to take out for the purchase of our new church home.

In the meantime, the Planning Committee is continuing to look into the possibilities for temporary meeting venues or space-sharing in the event our current buildings sell prior to our being able to move into a new church home.

One of those possibilities, as some of you are aware, was Hilton Christian Church. Unfortunately, their congregation has chosen not to pursue sharing their space with us, although they remain open to engaging in social justice projects together in the future.

One of our Planning Committee members had reached out to the Montessori School that purchased the Emmanuel Lutheran Church building in Hampton. The school has expressed considerable interest in renting their sanctuary to us for Sunday use, possibly including office and storage space. At one time the Planning Committee and Board members had toured that facility as a potential purchase, but the Montessori School bought the building before we were in a position to be ready to buy.

The Planning Committee is still pursuing other possibilities for a temporary home if that need should arise. The market for church properties is apparently strong, with a number of church properties having been sold in the last six months by the company with which we have been conferring.

We will continue to share any new information with all members as it develops, both through these monthly Planning Pulpit Minutes and through the “Super Shorts” notices on Facebook and our e-Flame newsletter.

Through all of this, please remember that our church is our members, NOT the building in which we meet.

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