UUFP Planning Pulpit Minute — 6/27/24

A start and finish line. Text on the image reads, "This is our future—let's embrace it!"

Thanks to the UUFP Planning Committee and support teams for providing updates during our transition to the Fellowship’s new home! This Pulpit Minute was delivered by Parker Stokes at the
June 23, 2024, Sunday Service.

I am Parker Stokes. Steve Kadar and I cochair the UUFP Planning Committee, which is now exclusively focusing on the Tabbs Lane Transition Project and has taken on that new name for at least the rest of this year. I would like to bring you up to date with our current activities. 

The Treasury Committee has the Tabbs Lane settlement funds ready to pay and the paperwork is at the lawyer’s office to satisfy the legal language and documentation. Closing should be scheduled soon, most likely in the next two to three weeks. Soon you will see a “For Sale” sign in front of this property, but we have no intention of selling or moving before we are completely ready, most likely five to seven months.

Rachel Bevins is circulating a volunteer sign up sheet for those who want to help with the anticipated needs of painting, moving, kitchen, finance, children’s activities, A/V/computing, landscaping, etc.  We are especially looking for a few people who are experienced in these areas and can lead small groups to help anticipate our needs in these areas and then carry out these supporting tasks in conjunction with our move. The list is on Facebook, or see Rachel Bevins for information.

The building we are purchasing, for the fairly low price of ~$1.3M, is in need of a lot of renovation to get it up to the level we want it to be. Our initial renovation budget will require an additional $460K and it will probably take more. We still have about $150K in uncollected Capital Campaign pledges. If possible, please consider finishing up your Capital Campaign pledge as soon as possible and help us avoid a bank loan. If you are not sure where you stand, consult your individual contribution statement, which went out to everyone earlier this month. If you are waiting for the best time to donate appreciated stock, the market is near all time highs now.

On behalf of those previously mentioned team members, plus Jerry Dingus and Alan Sheeler, who head up several special projects each, and those of you who are already working on a transition team project with us,  I thank you for your past and present contributions towards making this Fellowship everything you want it to be.

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