UUFP Planning Pulpit Minute — 4/28/24

A start and finish line. Text on the image reads, "This is our future—let's embrace it!"

Thanks to the UUFP Planning Committee and support teams for providing updates during our search for and selection of the Fellowship’s new home! This Pulpit Minute was delivered by Gayle Phillips at the April 28, 2024, Sunday Service.

Good morning, Friends.

I remember that exciting  day when we decided to find a new property that would enable us to better share our values with the community. That vote happened at a Town Hall Meeting in March of 2020, when our congregation agreed our current buildings would not be sufficient to support developing our full vision, and we voted compellingly to seek a new home. And so, our search began.

Then on April 14, 2024, four years later, we voted overwhelmingly to purchase the beautiful property at 326 Tabbs Lane. I believe we are fortunate to have found this incredible new home that opens the door to many exciting possibilities for our congregation and our community.

Our new home truly needs every one of us to help facilitate this transition. There will be lots of work needed to get our new building ready for use. We will need volunteers to work outside creating gardens and installing plants and maintaining our grounds.  We will need volunteers to help inside with painting, organizing our kitchen area and children’s rooms, and so much more. Please be ready to volunteer! Your interest and support are essential. More information about how we can help will be coming soon!

All of us must commit to share our time and talents as we move together into this next chapter of the UUFP; full of hope for our future and looking forward to the amazing new adventures that await us.

A special thanks to Sandy Burkes-Campbell, who has been the Chairperson of the Planning Committee for many years and has personally provided the energy and guidance to get the UUFP to this new building and the stable place we are all enjoying. We will miss her when she moves to North Carolina next month!