UUFP Planning Pulpit Minute — 3/24/24

A start and finish line. Text on the image reads, "This is our future—let's embrace it!"

Thanks to the UUFP Planning Committee and support teams for providing updates during our search for and selection of the Fellowship’s new home! This Pulpit Minute was delivered by Stephen Kadar, Jr., at the March 24, 2024, Sunday Service.

Good morning.

I am Steve Kadar with The Planning Minute.

As you know, we are on a journey as we work toward purchase of a new home. And it has been a true adventure with more twists and turns than an Indiana Jones movie. We have had much to consider, many questions, sometimes not great answers, wondering at times how we would make out…but the good news is we are going to do just fine. 

The next steps, assuming we agree to purchase the building with a congregational vote in April, will be hard.

We have much more to do.

We will need a transition team to plan how we will move. This is not going to be an easy process. None of us are experts at moving a church! For starters, what do we take with us; what do we really need vs. “the stuff we’ve got”? Are there things we can donate? Are there things we can leave for a new owner? And where does everything go when we get there? Hopefully, the boxes of “our stuff” we move will not be stored in a closet and left for years!

We will need a team to determine what we need to make our new home — home. I cannot believe we will live with blank walls, as example. And our choices need to be right for both aesthetics and practical reasons. We need to not do as we do at home where you end up putting four holes in the wall before you hang the pictures up where you want them.

We also need all of you to engage fully once we arrive at Tabbs Lane. We have more classrooms, more social space, a huge fellowship hall, programs to run, great community outreach opportunities, grass to cut…the myriad of tasks needed to fulfill our mission (Grow in Wonder ~ Connect in Love ~ Engage in Service ~ Inspire Generosity) will grow, just like buying a bigger house and adding to our family. 

But right now this first great big step is within sight…and not so long ago we had no clue where we were going.

This is our future…let us embrace it.

Thank you for listening.