UUFP Expansion

Seeking our New Church Home

Where we can realize our vision of Beloved Community and continue our Mission to
Grow in Wonder ~ Connect in Love ~ Engage in Service ~ Inspire Generosity

As the UUFP has grown over the past few years, we’ve felt the painful pinch of space limitations. So now we’re taking a momentous step: securing a new church home to better serve our mission.

“Perhaps our purpose is community, practicing it as deeply and thoroughly as we can—both within and beyond our walls.”

~ Rev. Andrew Millard

What will help us live out our UU paths more fully?

When we asked this question, our members emphasized the importance of continuing to nurture our diverse and like-minded community. In particular, we seek:

  •  A campus that inspires wonder — with ample green space, an environmental site design, a large Sanctuary, and an industrial kitchen.
  • A more diverse congregation — with a space that is friendly to families, teens, people with disabilities, and social justice activities. 
  • A congregation that is more staffed, more visible — able to host public events, support the arts, and develop a robust music program.

On March 8, 2020, UUFP members voted to seek a new church location that would further these goals. A successful three-year capital campaign followed in October 2021 to raise the funds. We are now in the process of purchasing a property and anticipate relocating in Fall 2024.

Stay informed as we press onward!

The UUFP Planning Committee and eFlame Blog provide regular updates on our property search and relocation. For questions, email planning@uufp.org. To see the latest updates, click the button below: