“Serving the Mission, Saving the World"

Grow in Wonder, Connect in Love, Engage in Service, Inspire Generosity”

As the UUFP has grown over the past few years, we've felt the painful pinch of space limitations. So now we're preparing to take a momentous step: finding a new church home to better serve our mission. We have a main goal to raise $1.1 M and a stretch goal of $1.3 M. Let's come together and make it happen!

"Now is the time to come together as we did after the flood, to summon our courage as we did after the fire, and to make our bold commitment to our future. By growing in wonder, connecting in love, engaging in service and inspiring generosity, we can save the world. Let's seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to make a real and lasting difference!"  ~ Rev. Andrew Millard

For more information from the UUFP Planning Committee, please see
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