Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula
13136 Warwick Blvd, Newport News VA 23601

Grow in Wonder, Connect in Love,
Engage in Service, Inspire Generosity

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Dear _______________,

Welcome to our New UU Year!  We are so grateful to join with you as together we live and grow Unitarian Universalism on the Virginia Peninsula.  What a couple of years it has been since going remote in March 2020 due to COVID!  And yet where many congregations have stumbled, we have remained strong.  Indeed we have thrived.

During those two years, we have planned, studied, grown, and continued our UU being:  We have held Moral Monday Witness every single week, we have continued our church programs and get-togethers by Zoom — Fiber Fun, Fellowship Circles, Sunday Morning Forum, to name a few — we have participated in denominational efforts such as Widening the Circle of Concern; we have enjoyed EarthRising’s rituals; we have deepened our individual and collective spirituality, and we have attended Sunday morning services enriched by a diversity of music and thought.  And now, with the Omicron wave receding, we’re excited to do all these things and more in person again!

We have also run a hugely successful capital campaign, raising $1,228,102 thanks to your generosity!  And while we are bereft to lose our charter member, Richard Hudgins, he bequeathed us magnificently in his Estate, committing $667,000 to capital planning.  Thus, we are $1.9 million strong as we live into our Mission and Vision of Unitarian Universalism.

Indeed, just this week we signed with realtor Bob Saunders of Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate.  We are on the move, officially and professionally, searching for our new church home, and we continue to value your thoughts and opinions on this important endeavor. 

Now comes our annual canvass, the time when we pledge our on-going support of our beloved community to assure continuity of Unitarian Universalist programs, services, support and outreach here on the Peninsula.  Looking toward a bigger and better property in our future, we are called to do everything we can to thrive and be ready for that future.

As you consider your pledge, we offer these questions for contemplation and discussion:

How does Unitarian Universalism provide foundation in your life?
How does the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula enliven your days?
How do you decide what level of support (each person in) your household will bring to the UUFP?

As you plan your pledge this year,
we ask you to be as thoughtful and as generous as you can be.

Warmly, and in community,

We’re on the move!

Our canvass goal of $240,000 enables us to live our UU Vision on the Peninsula:

  • we can fully fund the operating expenses of our current property as we prepare to buy a bigger property;
  • we can restart “Kids Day In” as a major part of our strategy to build our post-pandemic RE program and welcome families;
  • we can fund our Food and Shelter Ministries (e.g. PORT) from the budget as befits a core UUFP program;
  • we can finally make our Director of Religious Education position full-time and assure she receives full medical benefits under the UUA health plan;
  • we can be generous in this year’s cost-of-living adjustment for our staff; and
  • we can meet our commitment tofund our Minister’s sabbatical.

Thank you for helping us reach our goal to thrive now and through our move and beyond!