“UU the Vote” at UUFP – #VoteLove. #DefeatHate.

Seek Equity through Electoral Justice. Text "VoteLove" to 51555 for Updates.

“We are less than 12 months away from the most critical elections in our lifetimes. We must not be on the sidelines. Core Unitarian Universalist values—values of interdependence, democracy, human worth and dignity, the richness of pluralism and diversity, and the inborn right of all peoples to self-determination and agency—are on the line. When we show up as people of faith, with these values front and center, we are offering a viable alternative to narratives and policies of domination, supremacy, scarcity, and exploitation that threaten and diminish our lives and future” (Susan Frederick-Gray, UU World, 11/4/19).

UU the Vote is a non-partisan faith initiative to engage our neighbors, educate our communities, mobilize voters, and rally around key ballot initiatives. In 2020, the UUA is supporting congregations and UU organizations in activating thousands of Unitarian Universalists to mobilize for electoral justice at the local, state, and national levels.

Emphasizing that “UU the Vote” is our #1 priority in the upcoming elections, Unitarian Universalist Association President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray echoes the UUA campaign motto and slogan: "Faith. Love. Action. Together." and "#VoteLove – #DefeatHate"!

UUFP volunteers are already rallying for the cause. At this time, UUFP's “UU the Vote” committee is planning for four actions:

  • Postcard campaign (cards ordered)
  • Phone banking (next one is July 18, 2020)
  • Registering voters at grocery stores and other locations in August and September
  • Offering rides to the polls or voting centers in the 45 days prior to the election

Are you interested in joining us? If so, visit uuthevote.org and uua.org/pressroom/mediakit/new to learn about the campaign, and contact Sandra or Pam at uuthevote@uufp.org.


Listen to our UUA's President's call to action here! and be fueled by call-to-action video below. "Action. Risk. Courage. Mission," declares Rev. Frederick-Gray!  Let's "UU the Vote"!
Learn more at: Virginia Department of Elections > Casting Your Ballot

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