Update on Tabbs Lane Property

Thanks to the UUFP Planning Committee and support teams for providing these periodic updates,
as the search for our new home continues!

Subsequent to this article's publish date, please reference the positive update on the Tabbs Lane property!


I truly regret to tell you that our potential purchase of the church property at 326 Tabbs Lane has hit a stern roadblock.

You’ll recall that quite recently, Pastor Maxwell, the seller’s agent, approached our realtor, Bob Saunders, saying they were ready to accept our offer. Accordingly, we updated our Purchase Agreement at $1,350,000 cash with 6.18 acres of land.

However, the seller countered with either an increase of $100k or a decrease of land – neither of which is in our interest. In response, we stood by our offer and they ended negotiations.

Are we done with 326 Tabbs Lane? For the moment. But the sellers may yet again return to us. In the meantime, we continue looking. Indeed, we have an appointment to see another church property in Hampton this coming Saturday, Nov. 11. Our search continues.

In community,

Bek Wheeler, President

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