Update from the Transition Task Force

(previous update of June 6th: https://uufp.org/update-from-the-transition-task-force/)

The Transition Task Force instituted by the Policy Board (charge here: uufp.org/wp-content/uploads/Members-area/PolicyBoardMinutes/TransitionsTeamWhitePaperCharge_2021_04.pdf) has continued its work with four further meetings: June 9 on options for moving forward with on-line, in-person and multi-platform children's religious education; June 10 on indicators for resuming in-person programming using a data-driven framework such as those established by UUC in Reston VA and UUC of Huntsville AL; June 16 on surveying member households regarding their readiness and comfort for resuming in-person programming; and June 18 on envisioning a Sunday morning schedule that brings together the best of both on-line and in-person services and forums.

On June 15, a survey for parents regarding religious education for children and youth was sent out.  If you are a parent of children or youth and have not already done so, please complete the survey here: https://forms.gle/huBvmdHZ8QJUPTAz6

On June 23, the Task Force presented to the Policy Board a proposed multi-tier plan for resuming in-person programming based on indicators such as daily new cases, positive test rate and infection rate.  (You can see the values and trends in such indicators here: https://covidactnow.org/us/virginia-va/county/newport_news_city/?s=1971887)  Assuming that such indicators continue to trend downward, our targets are to begin in-person meetings and programs as soon as possible in July, followed by multi-platform services and forums in subsequent months.  The Board approved the plan and is now updating the Limited Building Use Policy that has restricted in-person activities during the pandemic.  The full details of the multi-tier plan will be published soon.

Today we are sending out the survey for all member households.  It is short, anonymous, and not all questions require answers, but we ask you to complete the survey to give us an idea of how comfortable and ready your household is to resume in-person programming.  Our Unitarian Universalist values call us to practice inclusion, to care for one another, to act with mutual consent, and to share our expectations.  This survey will help the Task Force and the Board know more about what we need to do to move forward, so please complete it here: https://forms.gle/QsjZBebGDMr5gA82A

Fifteen months ago, we moved all of our programs on-line given the very limited options to maintain religious community at the start of the pandemic and with almost everyone experiencing the same circumstances.  Now, as we are coming out of the pandemic, and depending on those in the wider community to get vaccinated so the pandemic can end, our circumstances vary more widely, from those who are fully vaccinated to children under twelve who cannot yet be vaccinated, from those ready to get back to everything we did pre-pandemic to those who continue to have reservations and concerns.  Though the situation is not as clear or simple as it was in March 2020, what matters is that we are working through this together as a covenanted community.  Thank you for being part of this transition with us.

Rev. Andrew for the Transition Task Force.

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