Upcycles Needed

Sci-Fi Camp at the UUFP is coming up August 6 – 10, 2018, and we need your junk! In an effort to encourage our summer campers to reuse and recycle, several of our projects will use materials from home. We would very much appreciate the donations of the items below which may be brought to the UUFP (labeled “Summer Camp”).

  • Small and medium boxes (cereal, shoe, mailing, snack bar, cracker, tissue)
  • Tubes (toilet paper, paper towel, Pringles, wrapping paper)
  • Fruit Nets (like the bags in which oranges are packaged)
  • Planter possibilities (large mugs, flower pots, other interesting small containers)
  • 2 liter bottles, rinsed
  • Potting Soil (open bags are welcome)
  • Caps and bottle tops
  • Aquarium fillers and decorations (gravel, plastic sea creatures, plants)
    Questions? Contact Rachel B. at dre@uufp.org. Thank you!


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