Together in Spirit, Together in Vision

A UUFP Capital Campaign testimonial given during the November 7, 2021, Sunday Service.

I am Kathryn Ozyurt, co chair, with Michael Lee Henry Richardson, for the Leadership Development Committee. Since I joined UUFP in 2014, I’ve participated in the Forum, Fellowship Circles, and Fiber FUUN.

This evening, I am calling in from Dikili on the Aegean Sea in Turkey. I am far away from you all in body, but together with you in spirit. It’s not the physical location that matters when we come together for Sunday Service, but the open minds we bring to share in worship and intellectual exploration. It is truly wonderful how Zoom has helped us stay together virtually no matter how far apart we are physically.

I’ve been a Unitarian Universalist for more than half a century and can’t think of any other way to be, whatever state or country I live in. Seeing worth and dignity of every person everywhere, understanding that different beliefs are not necessarily conflicting, truly listening to others and trying to understand—0ur principles, our beliefs and the way we live are precious and important. Most of you will remember the before times when we met in our current buildings. We were happy to meet together, though we often ended up crowded together, elbow to elbow and back to back. We got more space and separation then we ever wanted during this awful pandemic, but we’ve had a great opportunity to take this time to continue planning and preparing for our future together in a new, commodious space.

Our outdoor service to kick off the Capital Campaign was a great reunion and full of inspiring messages. And now, with everyone’s help, we are gathering the resources to make our vision come true. I am so proud to be able to give my time, my talent, and my treasure to our Capital Campaign. I am looking forward to when we can all meet in person again. Hopefully, soon, we will find a new space that will support all that we do as we live our UU values.

Thank you everybody for what you bring to our vision.

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