Time To Go Now

Thanks to the Fellowship's Planning Committee for providing periodic updates on the UUFP Expansion progress via these Pulpit Minutes delivered during Sunday Service and UUFP publications.

Good morning! The Planning Committee is still busy working to find a new home for our Fellowship.

Our focus for the time being is still on finding a temporary home in case our existing buildings sell before we find a new permanent location. One of the proposed locations we have visited in person was Warwick UCC. However, we’ve dropped that facility from consideration because it was only marginally acceptable.

We have also considered the First Church of Christ, Scientist and the Berachah Baptist Church on Todd’s Lane, both of which we deemed inadequate for our needs.

The most promising temporary home we’ve looked at to date is Temple Sinai on Warwick Boulevard in Newport News. Their building meets almost all of our requirements for meeting in person. Discussion of details for a temporary arrangement have begun, and the Planning Committee will keep you informed on our progress.

We continue to watch for other possibilities for a temporary home and welcome any suggestions from our membership.

Of course, our ultimate goal is to find a new permanent home for our faith community. The Policy Board is in the process of hiring a realtor to assist us in finding a buyer. On Sunday morning, February 6, you’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from that realtor, Bob Saunders, in a special Forum. Mr. Saunders will speak about the process of selling our Young’s Mill property and purchasing a new facility. You’ll have an additional 20 – 30 minutes to ask questions about that process. This will be an exciting and fact-filled Forum. Be sure to put that February 6 meeting on your calendar and help spread the word. This is an important milestone for all of us, and we want everyone to attend.

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