The Way Forward

3/20/2020 1 Comment

by Sandy Burkes-Campbell, Planning Committee Chair
​and Jim Sanderson, UUFP President


Over the past few years has we have articulated our core values, mission and vision.Thanks to everyone who participated in recent town hall meetings and hosted or attended a cottage meeting (which is pretty much everyone) to learn about the “stay or go” decision.

Thanks also to Rev. Andrew for his inspirational messages leading up to this important decision.

The congregation has voted and directed the board to look for a new location for UUFP where we will put our vision into action more effectively.

The Board, Planning committee and Real Estate Task Force will pursue this action and report developments to the membership. We will inform members of our progress both on and using a bulletin boards.
The Next Step Weekend with Mark Ewert (consultant from Stewardship for Us) has been postponed and will be re-scheduled when it is safe for us to gather together. This will be just the first visit with Mark when he will gather information and get to know us as a congregation. He will meet with the leadership and members of the congregation. Following his visit Mark will share lessons learned, best practices from other congregations and examine our strengths, challenges, risks and opportunities. Other congregations have reported that after the Next Step Weekend they saw an immediate impact on giving, as well as long lasting strengthening of stewardship and generosity.

There is no doubt that we can, and will, bring the good news of Unitarian Universalism to more families on the Peninsula as we work together and bring our vision to life. Again thanks to all of you for your participation these past three months.

Looking forward to our future,
Sandy Burkes-Campbell UUFP Planning Chair
Jim Sanderson UUFP President.

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