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Every Sunday morning, from 9:30 –10:30 a.m., we meet in person in the  UUFP Office Building for our Sunday Morning Forum. For those unable to meet in person, we also offer participation via Zoom. See "Upcoming Forums" multi-platform schedule (with Zoom links) below, and/or visit the Events Calendar or Google Calendar for details.

The Sunday Forum began many years ago in complement to minister led worship on Sunday mornings. With our Unitarian Universalist values as both foundation and springboard, the Forum has grown into a well moderated, high quality, adult discussion group that promotes learning on a wide variety of topics. It is a classroom of people who trust each other's good intentions and value each other's diverse opinions.

Together, UUFP's pastoral and laity-led educational opportunities nourish the mind and spirit and infuse us to be Light in the world!

Have a forum topic suggestion or wish to facilitate?  Contact:
One Quest, Many Paths. A different way to be "Church"! (click to enlarge)

One Quest, Many Paths. A different way to be "Church"! (click to enlarge)

Check out our UPCOMING FORUMS, A LEGACY OF LEARNING & FORUM ARCHIVE for our future classes and past reflections on this expansive program. We are grateful for the many contributors who enhance this experience—one that teaches and inspires us about how "to be" in the world!

A Legacy of Learning

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Upcoming Forums

10 Dec, 2023

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