“‘Wash Hands, Wash Mind!’ ​Buddhism – Part II”

Presented by Randolph Fiery
February 23, 2020
“Wash hands, Wash mind!” (Sign on the kitchen wall of a Buddhist temple.) ​

​Modern science has taught us that bacteria, viruses and illness are frequently spread by our hands. To stay healthy, medical experts advise us to wash our hands frequently throughout the day.

The stress, fears and trauma of living can be toxic to the mind. Yet we fail to take the necessary precautions to “wash our minds” and reduce or eliminate the suffering that can fester and thrive through the course of living.

This morning, guest speaker Randolph (Randy) Fiery will identify and teach two Buddhist practices that “wash the mind”: Samadhi (concentration, tranquility and bliss) and Vipassana (insight meditation). These simple practices prescribed by Siddhartha Gotama are the way to inner peace.
Randolph Martin Fiery is a former social worker, marriage and family therapist, and school administrator who is now a mental health consultant and meditation trainer. He is a member of Wat Pasantidhamma and can be reached at rmfiery@outlook.com.

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