“The Gift”

Presented by Holly Holman Patterson
August 18, 2019

“Most of my life, I was your typical housewife and school volunteer, relates Holly Holman. When my kids no longer wanted me in their classroom or school, I found a calling working as an Educational Assistant in Special Education. Retired now, I live half my year in Eugene, Oregon, and the other half in Tucson, Arizona. My passions are hiking, traveling, photography, and reading.”

“At 62 years of age, I set out to pursue a calling. It started out with a simple question that I asked myself: ‘If I had a family member that needed a kidney, would I be willing to donate a kidney to them?’ Like most of you, the answer was a very quick ‘YES.’ Then a second question readily followed that I couldn’t ignore: ‘Then why shouldn't I be willing to give up a kidney for someone that is loved by others?” My answer became my journey of ‘The Gift.’

Holly Holman Patteson, childhood friend of ARE Co-chair Kathryn Ozyurt, will join us on the big screen by Skype from across the country. Feeling her connection and responsibility to the interconnected web of life. she will talk about her thoughts and reasons for donating her kidney to an unknown recipient.​

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