Sunday Forum: “Peake Childhood Center – Growing Promising Futures”

Presented by Dr. Jennifer Parish

Recently, our nation has begun to shine a light on the issue of affordable childcare. Children without access to high-quality childcare are less likely to be prepared for school. Families who cannot afford childcare may not be able to work, which affects their ability to be financially stable. For 50 years, Peake Childhood Center (PCC) has addressed these issues for our families and our community.

PCC’s mission is to nurture young children by providing affordable, quality preschool programs that develop the whole child and foster school readiness. We offer the only sliding-scale preschool tuition, based on family income and need, on the Peninsula. Our average parent pays about a third of what it actually costs us to care for and educate their children. We rely on the compassion of our community to help make quality childcare affordable for hardworking families.

Join us May 15, as Dr. Parish shares how we can grow promising futures together!

Jennifer Parish received her bachelors and master’s degrees from the University of Virginia and her Doctorate from the College of William and Mary. She served as Superintendent of Poquoson City Schools from 2008-2020. Prior to becoming superintendent, she worked for the York County School Division, where she served as a teacher, principal, director, and Chief Academic Officer.

She was a graduate of the CIVIC Leadership Institute and was selected as the Region 2 Superintendent of the Year in 2014 and 2017. Jennifer served as the President of the Virginia Association of School Superintendents and was a member of the Governor’s SOL Innovation Committee. She also served as a Sector Leader for the United Way campaign and on the Virginia Risk Sharing Association Members’ Supervisory Board. After retiring from the superintendency Jennifer became the Executive Director of the Peake Childhood Center. She also currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at the College of William and Mary, member of the WHRO Board of Directors, member of the UVA K12 Advisory Council and member of the Mercury 64 Kiwanis Club.

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