Sunday Forum: “Life on a School Board in Virginia: Nil Desperandum Illegitimi non Carborundum”

Presented by Michelle Sheeler

“What a long, strange trip it’s been. This discussion is part history of school boards in the state of Virginia, part ‘a term or two in the life of a school board member,’ and the part when I knew it was time to resign my last year,” says Forum Facilitator Michelle Sheeler. “I welcome your thoughts on this Mother’s Day and hope this discussion provides some insight into our public educational system.”

Join us on May 8, as Michelle leads us in dialogue about the following:

  1. History: Appointed vs Elected school boards in VA
  2. Time Served on the Poquoson City School Board
  3. Nil Desperandum İllegitimi non Carborundum
  4. You Don’t Do It for the Money
  5. Financing Public Schools
  6. Teacher Shortages and Salaries

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