Sunday Forum: “Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story” — Part II

Presented by David Walsh &
Joanne Dingus

We all love food. As a society, we devour countless cooking shows, culinary magazines and foodie blogs. So how could we possibly be throwing nearly 50% of it in the trash? Filmmakers and food lovers, Jen Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin, dive into the issue of food waste and pledge to quit grocery shopping and survive only on discarded food for six months. Featuring interviews with author, activist, and TED lecturer Tristram Stuart, food waste expert Dana Gunders, and acclaimed author Jonathan Bloom, JUST EAT IT looks at our systemic obsession with expiry dates, perfect produce and portion sizes, and reveals the core of this seemingly insignificant issue in a cinematic story that is both deliciously entertaining and truly shocking.

Even if you were unable to participate in Part I, we encourage you to join us for Part II to continue discussing the food waste epidemic and some helpful solutions!

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