Sunday Forum: “Digging Deeper at the UUC in Tarpon Springs, FL” – Pt. II of “The Church that Refused to Sink!”

Presented by
UUCTS Church Members
Kathy Hopkins, Anne Rainey & Rene Torres

Special thanks to UUFP Members Dennis and Carole Shaw for coordinating this invitation of our fellow UUs!

A majestic, historic UU church in Tarpon Springs, FL discovered sinkholes under their buildings. They had to stop having services at the church, the priceless Inness paintings were in jeopardy, termites were found, the remediation costs were sky high and the whole place was torn apart. Join members of the church at the Forum on March 28 to hear the exciting conclusion of this fantastic story of patience and perseverance. Learn how the little church remained afloat!

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