Sunday Forum: “Accountable, accountability, accountably—What? Why? Let’s figure it out!”

Presented by President Rebecca Wheeler,
Professor of English Linguistics

Notions of accountability have been cropping up in our UU space, from the proposed 8th Principle calling for us to “accountably dismantle racism . . .” to the motions before the UUA General Assembly calling for “new bylaws . . . that support the UUA in accountably achieving its mission and aspirations consistent with our core values.”

What do we mean by accountability, and why are we talking about it now? Our President, Bek Wheeler, will use linguistic techniques to help us discover our meanings, associations, and assumptions around this “action” word [yep, verbs aren’t the only “action” words]. In so doing, a better understanding can encourage us to apply these concepts and responsibly take action, personally and collectively, as we live out our UU values in relationship with each other and the greater Beloved Community.

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