Sunday Morning Forum

Growing in Wonder, Together

Member Mason Mosely presents at Forum.

A Legacy of Learning

The Sunday Morning Forum began many years ago in complement to minister-led services on Sunday mornings. It’s a place for people to feed their curiosity, share experiences, and discuss ideas. At Forum, a speaker presents a topic, then answers questions and moderates discussion among the listeners. Topics covered over the years have run the gamut of human interest, including:

  • The poetry of Rumi
  • Protecting our oceans
  • Preparing for death
  • Political gerrymandering in Virginia
  • The Transgender experience

With our UU values serving as both foundation and springboard, the Forum has grown into a high quality, well-moderated discussion group that inspires participants to be in positive relationship with each other and the world. It is a classroom of people who trust each other’s good intentions and value each other’s diverse opinions, even on controversial subjects.

The Forum generally meets in the UUFP Office Building on Sunday mornings from 9:30–10:30. Join us for deep learning and bold discussion!

Want to suggest a topic or present one at Forum?
Contact our Director of Religious Education.