October 27, 2019: “​Ten Days, No Words – Into my head, or out of my mind?”

Mike will be speaking about his experiences with Vipassanna meditation retreats. Vipassanna retreats are ten-day, nondenominational, silent retreats that purport to teach the meditation technique that the Buddha shared in some of his primary discourses. The retreats focus heavily on practice, including up to ten hours of seated meditation per day, during which time participants practice observing their breathing and bodily sensations. Mike will discuss what has drawn him to this technique, its historical and philosophical foundations, his experience at the five retreats he's sat, and the role the practice plays in his everyday life.

Mike Roy, the son of two UUFP members and an alumnus of the Religious Education program, has been teaching, traveling, and volunteering in Asia since 2006. His lifestyle and interests have brought him into contact with Buddhism in various countries and forms. He is especially interested in how Buddhism, as a philosophy of insight and compassion, can help us navigate the social and ecological challenges we face in our daily lives. ​​

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