“Number, Logic, and Faith”

Presented by Scott Kasmire
​Three-part series: January 13, 20, 27, 2018

A "theory of everything" continues to elude scientists, philosophers, and even theologians. The best we can seem to do is arbitrarily focus on certain connections that seem significant. This is what the Sunday Morning Forum will set out to do in this three week series that asks us to consider deeply what the world could really be, and by extension, what human experience actually entails.

Note that while the three sessions will be linked to each other, they are not dependent on one another for understanding or one's full participation.​

In Part A, January 13th, the group will use the concept of "number" as a starting point to explore the nature of human experience and the ultimate reality.

​In Part B, January 20th, the group will evaluate the idea of humans as "rational beings" and consider the utility of "logic" in human experience.

​In Part C, January 27th, the group will look more closely at the connection between metaphor and faith and determine what sorts of metaphors are most useful in determining our place in the world.

Scott Kasmire is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula. He has been a UU since the mid-1990's and a K-12 educator since the early 2000's. His hobbies are philosophy, theology, Star Trek, and caffeine – not necessarily in that order.

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