“Matching Adult Religious Education with UU Principles – Does it Help?”

Presented by Gary Ott
February 9, 2020

To the members of the Unitarian Universalist Association, there is a shared commitment to the Seven Principles. How much our Adult Religious Education Sunday Morning Forum provides support to these principles can’t be measured unless we identify how each discussion topic relates to these values. This workshop will attempt to suggest future ARE topics for the Forum by identifying the principles they might support.

Another key discussion item will be to identify what portion of the Forum’s topics should be in support of the UU’s Principles and which topics might not. This discussion might clarify that some proposed Forum topics do not have to necessarily line-up with UU Principles.

Retired as the science coordinator to the Coast Guard in 2006, Gary’s specialized training and experience in large emergencies is in “risk communications,” a science-based approach for communicating effectively in situations of high stress, high concern, or controversy. These professional skills are transferable to personal relationships, helping to better manage our own communication challenges.

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