Sunday Forum: “Learning About Santa Claus Reflects How I Think About Religion”

Presented by Gary Ott & Joanne Dingus
May 31, 2020
Our goal at this Forum is to explore how we humans participate in the changing development of our beliefs, values, cultures, and religions. Our method at Forum is to explore a metaphor, how our conviction in Santa Claus changes from the time we are born until we graduate High School.  Final discussion is how we might apply our review to other issues of faith.​

Retired as the science coordinator to the Coast Guard in 2006, Gary’s specialized training and experience in large emergencies is in “risk communications,” a science-based approach for communicating effectively in situations of high stress, high concern, or controversy.   These professional skills are transferable to personal relationships, helping to better manage our own communication challenges.

​Joanne Dingus is a long time Unitarian Universalist having attended congregations in Canton, Ithaca and Glens Falls, New York, and Richmond and Newport News, Virginia. She has served as the Director of Religious Education for the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula since 2010. Sharing her education, experience and love of art with the Fellowship, the Boys and Girls Club and Seniors at the Chesapeake are among her many gifts she contributes to the mission of the UUFP.

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