June 25, 2017: Infused by the Fire

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No smoldering embers in Sunday Morning Forum this week (or ever!). Rather, the "Open Mike" format, led by "Team Moseley & Moseley" (Mason and Patricia), ignited ideas for a variety of future Forum topics.

UUA General Assembly impact, white supremacy, cybernetics, terrorism, the evolving nuclear family, the effect of science and technology on the future of humanity—these subjects and more sparked the interest of our "Forum Faithfuls." With an eye toward our UU Principles, these mini-exchanges serve as a springboard for holistic discussions empowering us to make a positive impact in our community and beyond!

Looking for an infusion of Wonder and Wisdom? Sunday Morning Forum will rekindle your curiosity and fire up your courage to be the "spark" for which our world yearns!

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