“God and Energy”

Presented by Susan Schneider
November 3, 2019

During Susan's and daughter Heather’s study of spiritualism, they thought their husband/father, Lenny, needed to have a spiritual path. So, when Joseph Lee, a Jungian Psychologist, offered a conference on Western Mystery Kabbalah, they took Lenny. As Lenny would say, they got, “hooked." Ever since that early 1990 workshop, Susan has been studying with Joseph, in person, and with Builders of the Adytum (BOTA), though the mail.

Susan relates: “The Kabbalah explains the idea that God is light, or as we would say, energy--energy that was forced by pressure through the different worlds or “dimensions” into Malkuth’s solid energy forms where we live. These energy pressure points of color energy waves and sound waves are known as the Tree of Life. The tree of Life can be experienced through meditation and chanting by mutilations of these wave forms.

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