“Gender Communication Differences”

Presented by Gary Ott and Meg Glenn-Albiez
October 14, 2018

Gary and Meg will facilitate a working session between men and women that will recognize several gender communication’s minefields. Discussion includes identification of several stereotypes that can complicate successful talk between the genders, and methods that might increase gender communication's success. Several differences in gender communication styles are: 1) empathetic vs. problem solving, 2) verbal vs. visual, and 3) variety of body language signs in nonverbal communications.

Retired as the Science Coordinator to the Coast Guard, Gary Ott continues to support the Coast Guard during emergency responses and in training for their senior executives. Gary’s specialized training and experience with large emergencies is in “risk communications,” a science-based approach for communicating effectively in situations of high stress, high concern, or controversy.

Meg Glenn-Albiez is a longtime UU and retired Adult Religious Education Committee member. Included in her present interests are serving on the Committee on Ministry (COM) and as leader of the Fiber Fuun knitting group.

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